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Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Tue Aug 22 23:45:07 EDT 2006

Steve Hoog wrote:

> Lawrence----I've been studying macrobiotics and chinese medecine since 
> the 70'sand am a macro counselor. We've used different rules for what to 
> eat, what order to eat in a meal, and how often one eats a particular food. In regular 
> macrobiotic education the food combining that you mention is rarely 
> mentioned but i am aware of the theory and find that macrobiotic eating 
> is in alignment with much of it. Digestion is complex and can be 
> different for a variety of people because there are a lot of imbalances.


This is great information on macrobiotics and TCM. I appreciate your in depth description
of methods you teach and practice. I learned about macrobiotics around 1968. It was my first exposure to natural foods.
I learned how to cook standard Japanese macrobiotic fare from a 7' friend from California who had used it to rescue his 
own health. Basics he taught me:

A good macrobiotic meal
whole grain rice - cooked in pressure cooker
saute tofu, tempeh or breaded fish
miso soup (eaten first)
    small amount of oil in saucepan
    saute, al dente, onion, cabbage, pepper, carrot, celery
    soak seaweed in bowl, dulse (very tasty), hiziki, wakame, kelp other
    dilute miso with water in suribachi
    add water to sauteed vegetables, heat somewhat
    add seaweed and miso to soup
    serve with tofu and rice, garnish with chopped dulse, nori, gomasio, miso tamari
    put one or two umeboshi plums with small amount of beefsteak leaves within serving of rice

Japanese natto miso chutney and pickled ginger slices might also be eaten with this meal

Consult a good macrobiotic text for best food combinations for each meal

Vegetables are sliced diagonally with traditional Japanese vegetable knife
(rectangular very thin double bevel blade) on wood chopping board.

Good sources for macrobiotic foods and Japanese vegetable knives by mail order:



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