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Now that you mention it, I think I'd agree with you on aesthetic and
semantic grounds.  But, having just consulted a dictionary, there's a
little problem of precedent, at least in US usage: "agriculturalist"
and "horticulturalist" are both acceptable forms of "agriculturist"
and "horticulturist." And it seems to me that while "agriculturist"
might be the preferred form gramatically, it is the less used form ...
I have a hunch we'll have a long, impossible-to-win battle to convince
the general public to use the shorter forms of these words.

I am curious, however, where these forms first popped up. The extra
syllable is an addition that might have an interesting etymology,
though I haven't been able to find it in a cursory search.


On 8/17/06, Keith Johnson <keithdj at mindspring.com> wrote:
> Kai wrote a while back about one of his peeves in regard to pluralizing
> acronyms. I'd like to add another.
> cumbersome, and one syllable longer than necessary. Its already a long
> word. We might as well say permaculturistists. We can speak of matters
> permacultural but we practice permaculture, and do things
> permaculturally. Perhaps we should rename the mag the Permacultural
> Activist.
> There. I've said it. Thank you for your patience and tolerance.
> Keith
> Ben Martin Horst wrote:
> > While of interest to permaculturalists for obvious reasons, I have
> > seen few human-built structures that can compare with the terraces on
> > simple aesthetic grounds.
> > Ben
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