[permaculture] Design like you give a damn

Charles de Matas cdematas at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 16 13:32:38 EDT 2006

Someone on this site recommended the book "Design like you give a damn".  I 
received a copy last week: great book.  It gives many examples of how 
architects and designers can play a role in providing emergency shelter to 
refugees and victims of natural disasters, and in housing for low income 
groups.  It was nice to see that people are using tensigrity or geodesic 
designs for emergency shelters.  I've been interested in tensegrity 
stuctures for some time.  When I got the book I started to try to build 
small models of these structures.  After much trial and error I managed to 
complete a small model of an expanded octahedron from sticks and string. I 
hope I'll have the time to continue building models and trying larger ones 
and finding uses for these things.


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