[permaculture] Take two-tunnels, root cellars

Belle Starr belle at sunfestival.net
Mon Aug 14 11:52:06 EDT 2006

Dear Friends,

We (Bill McDorman) sent out an email on Friday regarding cooling tunnels and
root cellars.

I'd like to try again since these two subjects have been a bit baffling as
we develop our site in the Verde Valley, 3500' elevation on red clay, sandy

Has no one experimented with cooling tunnels? They seem like the ultimate
cooling strategy for the desert. Scott? We are planning on using one in
conjunction with a 400 sq. ' adobe building we are just starting.

Also, any feedback on root cellars? Pitfalls, venting issues, mold, etc?

Again, I would assume both these strategies would be ideal in our desert
climate yet we received no feedback from our fellow permies. Too busy or has
no one gone there yet? Thanks kindly.

Belle Starr

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