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Kai Vido kaivido at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 14 09:49:36 EDT 2006

Hi Jedd,

email's?  <raises eyebrow>

I put that in as a joke. Thanks for your comments.


--- jedd <jedd at progsoc.org> wrote:

> On Monday 14 August 2006 10:04 pm, Kai Vido wrote:
>  ] The book catalogue looks good. I will, however, mention a pet
> peeve of
>  ] mine: When writing the plural form of CD or DVD, as with all
> nouns,
>  ] there should be no apostrophe. I am not sure where the notion came
> from
>  ] that the plural form of a noun should be possessive, but it has
> swept
>  ] the English language, particularly on the web. Sorry for the
> griping
>  ] nature of my recent email's :-) 
>  email's?  <raises eyebrow>
>  It's always a dangerous pursuit -- that of discussing spelling,
>  syntax, semantics, semiotics and so on.  I won't touch on the
>  correct usage of colons and misplaced capitalisations following
>  from colons.  Well, touch, but not dwell.
>  It's like asking people to not top-post, and to trim unnecessary
> bits
>  from their postings, keeping in mind the 1:n ratio of
> author:readers.
>  We all have out pet peeves.
>  But to your question, I gather it's still a matter of taste, and the
>  historical trends differ substantially on the usage of acronyms
>  and abbreviations across the various ponds.  Distinguishing between
>  plurals and possessives is important, verily, but the subject is
>  somewhat complicated in the IT world (in particular) due to the
>  trend of using many lower-case acronyms and abbreviations, with the
>  consequence of requiring a more obvious way of denoting the trailing
>  s as *not* being part of the abbreviation proper.
>  Of course, this doesn't excuse all those people that like to put an
>  apostrophe near the end of any word that terminates with an s, just
>  in case.  (Photo's and its' are two of the more regular examples.)
>  Btw, can I plant my eggplants / aubergines the same way I'd plant
>  a tomato -- ie, by stripping most of the leaves off the thing and
>  planting it up to its 'neck', as it were?  This is one of those
>  topics that's inherently tricky to find information on.
>  Jedd.
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