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An Interview with Derrick Jensen
Tearing Down the Master's House

*What I really want is for people to think for themselves and feel for 
themselves and to listen to their own land base and to ask that land 
base. Start a relationship with the land where you live. Ask that land 
what it needs from you. Because the truth is the land is the basis for 
everything. It's embarrassing to even have to say that, but -- and this 
is something else I think is really important -- the only measure by 
which we will be judged by the people who come after is the health of 
the land base, because that is what is going to support them. They are 
not going to give a shit whether or not we were pacifists; they are not 
going to give a shit if we supported Israel or we didn't support Israel; 
whether we voted green or democrat or republican or not at all. What 
they are going to care about is whether they can drink the water, 
whether they can breathe the air, whether the land can support them. One 
of the important questions is to ask what does the land need from you.

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