[permaculture] Estancia Ranquilco, a 100, 000 acre traditional cattle and sheep ranch in the high Andes of Northern Patagonia

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Subject: Estancia Ranquilco, a 100,000 acre traditional cattle and sheep ranch in the high Andes of Northern
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Estancia Ranquilco, a 100,000 acre traditional cattle and sheep ranch in the high Andes of Northern Patagonia offers a 
Permaculture Design Certificate course.

  This world-recognized, 72-hour course provides an introduction to permaculture as set forth by movement founder Bill 
Mollison. Students are invited to bring details of their own sites or potential sites and explore site-specific 
permaculture solutions. The course serves as the foundation for further study and is a prerequisite for a Diploma in 
Permaculture Design, awarded by the Permaculture Research Institute Course credit is accepted by a growing number of 
universities here and abroad. To date, hundreds of permaculture designers worldwide have been certified through the 
course, creating a global network of ecological activists influencing major corporations and creating new soft-energy 
business alternatives. The course covers sustainable living systems for a wide variety of landscapes and climates, with 
special emphasis on temperate zones. It includes the application of permaculture principles to food production, home 
design, construction, energy conservation and generatio
  n, and explores alternative economic structures and legal strategies supporting permaculture solutions. Specific 
topics include: * Theory and principles of permaculture * Nature-friendly house placement and design * Energy 
conservation techniques for cold climates * Recycling and waste management * Organic food production * Water harvesting 
and management * Ecological pest control * Drought-proofing * Soil rehabilitation and erosion control * Livestock * 
Aquaculture * Catastrophe preparedness and prevention * Windbreaks and fire control Geoff Lawton is a world-renowned 
permaculture practitioner. He emigrated from England to Australia and studied permaculture with the originator, Bill 
Mollison, in Tasmania. He founded the Permaculture Research Institute on Tagari Farm in New South Wales, Australia, a 
147-acre farmstead previously developed by Mollison. Since 1985, Geoff has designed and implemented permaculture 
projects in 18 countries for private individuals and groups, comm
  unities, governments, aid organizations, and multinational corporations. He has taught the Permaculture Design 
Certificate course in 20 countries. Estancia Ranquilco is a unique landholding deep, deep in the Andes Mountains. It 
combines a traditional livestock ranch with New Age ideas on self-sufficiency and whispering lightly on the land. 
Participants are advised that there is a three hour hike into the place, with bags coming in on pack animals, and that 
there are no telephones, televisions, computers etc. All of this preserves, and hopefully, enhances the extreme peaceful 
power that resides on the lands. There is an add-on option for those who would like to extend their experience at the 
estancia, working in the gardens etc, and immersing in the gaucho culture, for $50 a day.

Check our web site www.permaculture.org.au courses page fore details.

Cheers Geoff

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