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This might be the book you need. The paypal buttons below "should" 
enable you to purchase it from us (if not go to the website: 
http://www.permacultureactivist.net/booksvid/ag%20ecology.htm). The 
varying prices reflect difference in postage for various regions.

Small-Scale Aquaculture

by Steven D. Van Gorder Alternative Aquaculture Association, Inc.; 2000, 
190pp, $24.00

Learn how to culture delicious, nutritious fish in your backyard, farm 
pond, spring or greenhouse. This practical how-to book contains 
exclusive results of eight years of intensive Aquaculture research 
performed at The Rodale Institute. Using some basic biological concepts 
and innovative engineering techniques, we'll show you how small-scale 
fish culture can be both economical and technologically feasible for use 
in your backyard, basement or greenhouse.

US $26.50 	Canada $27.60 	Elsewhere $30.00



Forest Garden wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I am looking for some good information on small ponds.  I would like to make
> several ponds for different purposes; small acale fish production, plant
> production, and a nice place for ducks or geese to hang out.  When I say
> small, I mean it: home sized - anything from 1 to 10 meter diameter sized
> ponds.  I don't want to setup a pump or filter kind of system and a lot of
> pond information seems to be oriented towards buying lots of equipment and
> growing koi.  I am looking for more sustainable and useful applications.
> The pond(s) will be fed by roof runoof, surrounding slopes, and/or
> greywater.
> Books, articles, links... all would be appreciated.  I heard about a book
> along these lines from experiences in the Philippines titled something like
> 'Growing Fish in The Mountiaans', but I've never been able to find it.
> Sincerely,
> Marjory

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