[permaculture] composting used motor oil soaked debris?

kevin s k.skvorak at verizon.net
Wed Aug 9 14:49:11 EDT 2006

apologies as usual if this topic has already been explored in depth, 
but i have an actual situation i need to deal with-

one of our falling down barns has a couple of hundred gallons of used 
motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid etc in over a dozen 
different containers-barrels, buckets, bottles etc. some are leaking, 
some have already leaked out completely., some are open 55 gallon 
barrels filled not only with oil, but water, old hay, and various 
debris including well rotted wood from some of the rotten water 
soaked timbers fallen from above. i am guessing it has been there for 
at least 30 yrs

it is a real damn mess

so, i am removing as much as possible, transfering to various intact 
containers for disposal etc

what i am going to be left with is several hundred pounds at least of 
what is essentially great composting materials; old hay, rotten wood, 
manure, soil, sand and various debris that is soaked or otherwise 
contaminated with varying percentages of motor oils and various other 

the question is, will it compost?  can i safely transfer it out of 
the barn (where it is on a concrete floor) and put it in a big pile 
for the next 30 yrs?

any thoughts?


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