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hannah brumerskyj han_ysic at yahoo.com.au
Tue Aug 1 21:09:01 EDT 2006

  I have a friend who is into zero waste, and she deplores anything plastic. Instead of plastic bin liners she puts two strips of newspaper crossways and pushes them into the bin, adjusting according to size, folds the ends over the outside of the bin and secures them, once 3/4 full, she can carry it out to the compost heap and then cover with carbon items.
  I haven't used it yet, (I have flatmates) but it seemed great when she showed me how. You might have to experiment a little till you worked out for your bin. I think another really important thing is having a lid and washing it out between uses. My mum always keeps her compost under the sink, and with a bin on and cleaning, there is never any smell or flies in the kitchen. And it's easy to get out and leave open while preparing food, then put away when putting other containers away.
  She also digs straight into the garden, into a section that isn't being used at the time, and most of the veges are self sprouted from the compost. (They're also the healthiest)

Noctaire <noctaire at infobin.org> wrote:
  We're trying hard to deal with our trash but having limited luck. Unlike my
neighbors (suburbia) I can deal with things like grass clippings and leaves
with no problem; they enrich my garden quite nicely. We recycle cans,
cardboard, and plastic containers. I need to come up with a tidy way of
gathering kitchen scraps to toss in the compost tumblers (something like a
container that won't attract insects or give off unpleasant smells). There
just seems to be so many other things though that don't go so nicely.

Does anyone have any suggested reading/links on handling trash disposal? I
really want to get this aspect of things WAY down.



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