[permaculture] psychedlics and permaculture

Graham grahamburnett at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Sep 27 13:13:56 EDT 2005

I'm not that bothered what Bill & dave think about psychedilcs (no 
disrespect, chaps), we should be thinking for ourselves, not looking up 
to 'leaders'- isn't that the central message of permaculture- or is that 
anarchy??? Bill and Dave had great ideas, but I'm sure they'd be the 
last to want to see them stand still and undeveloped... permanent 
Culture doesn't mean its dead and static, rtaher that its sustainable 
and evolving...

I also don't see why its 'conservative' to question the benefits of drug 
taking- it could equally be equally seen as conservative to promote LSD, 
dope, etc as 'mind enhancing'. From my experience around drug users they 
often seem to be too stoned and apathetic to be much of a threat to 
anything, let alone any sort of a danger to the destructoculture status 
quo. All I've ever seen is drugs killing creativity rather than 
enhancing it... What destroyed the hippy and punk movements???

Yes I know 'legal' drugs do vast amounts of social harm, but I never 
claimed that for me beer does anything other provide some enjoyement and 
relaxation- though I reckon I've seen more creative ideas born over a 
convivial pint or two in the pub than I have in any room full of stoned 
hippys rolling joints on a Pink Floyd album sleeve saying "Maaan" alot 
before falling asleep (and I am speaking from deeply depressing 

I don't mean to come across as moralistic or anything, cos that 
certainly isn't the perspective I'm coming from, and I certainly believe 
that its everybodies right to do what the want with their own bodie- but 
as Larry says this should be a free discussion space- but that goes both 

Cheers Graham

Kaia Bronte wrote:

>If I were new to the permaculture way I would ask, based on your statements:
>which psychedelic drugs do Bill Mollison and David Holmgren recommend?
>The One Peace be with You,
>/ l.s. / Kaia Bronte
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>>I'm surprised to find such conservative views about psychedelic substances

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