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it takes 200 litres of water to make one 350 ml bottle of water in australia what  does it take in other countries of the world, 

William Genest <genest at pivot.net> wrote:I'm so glad we're on this thread of water privatization -
Obviously the notion of privatizing a public "right" is loathsome - 
But the story doesn't end there - We are not simply talking of 
providing drinking water to individuals or the bottling of of a 
commodity but delivering water as an infrastructure to ever growing 
cities and as I said, who can afford the revamping of dilapitated 
water infrastuctures but corporations? What politician would dare 
propose that taxpayers foot the bill for a project of such magnitude ?
The proponents of privatizing make the argument that it is not just a 
question of water but of DELIVERING the water - this requires 
infrastructure - Pipes, pumps, purification, energy.... And while I 
love and support rainwater catchment , the reality is that in an 
urban context, there is the need for centralized water delivery - 
According to the EPA something like a mere 3% of American municipal 
water passes muster in terms of "purity" - In my city, Montreal, the 
pipes are so old and corroded that some 40% of water is seeping away !
Then there is the argument that in privatizing and charging, water 
use will need to be reconsidered - think of it as a kind of eco tax - 
if all of a sudden water isn't free, people will be less wasteful -
Finally, I think it is misleading to place the onus of responsibility 
ofr water conservation on individuals - only 10% of water is used 
residentially - the rest is industry and agriculture....

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William Genest

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