[permaculture] The Hidden Hand - Revieled

Nanette Echols nanettechols at visi.com
Thu Sep 22 00:38:42 EDT 2005

Have you heard of the Pagan Cluster? It's the activism arm of the 
Reclaiming Community. Check out this website to see what we are up too.  

Starhawk et. al. teaches Permaculture/Activism - 

I've worked with the Green Block too. The Pagan Cluster sometimes joins 
with them. It's very decentralized, everyone just goes to work on a good 
idea. The work gets done. 

Food not Bombs is always there. http://www.foodnotbombs.net/

We are all always looking for help.

It's already started....

You just need to get hooked up.

St. Paul, Minnesota

Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:

>Martin Naylor wrote:
>>one way to get the planet together would be to get all the groups who know what'-s going on and select a group to form a super group, 
>>with money suplied from the original groups like green peace wilderness permaculture the lists goes on till about 90% of the people 
>>on the planet are represented, with a group who has a lot of money to act with wisdom, this idea was originaly in grist
>True pyramid power; a "good" pyramid scheme to save the Earth and its 
>peoples. Of course, it would be decentralized but networked with
>approved decision-making algorythms at the data storage/processing level
>(remember Mother in Alien, for sci-fi fans?).
>Who would form the baseline group, i.e. the base of the pyramid, the men 
>and women in the street? Where would they come from and how would they 
>be pursuaded to participate and how would they be connected to the 
>communications/data/decision-making network?
>>souscayrous <souscayrous at tiscali.fr> wrote:
>>Hello everyone, why is this hand hidden? There is nothing hidden about the
>>fertility of earth except the human practices that reduce fertility; it is
>>only when we regard the infertile world we have made that we begin to
>>question whether the earth can provide. The earth can support not only the
>>current human population but current non-human life too, providing we allow
>>it to provide....snip... But there have been ages without humanity and there will be ages again without us, how then will our vaunted
>>knowledge look?
>Hello Jamie, after a long while. You write so well.
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