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Martin Naylor martinwnaylor at yahoo.com.au
Tue Sep 20 03:45:43 EDT 2005

did i call money evil, or look at the facts, this planet is going through to a new era, hang in their, move beyond psyhcological thought and embrace the whole,permaculture is the sustainable base forward, live it and live imagine 

Sean Maley <semaley at yahoo.com> wrote:Calling money evil is like getting mad at factory
workers for pollution. In the end, our needs are
still food, water, shelter, and providing for our
children. These needs extend to social constructs,
tribalism, which provided our species an advantage
over many of our fellow species. With the loss of our
tribal constructs, marking the great forgetting, money
provided a distraction to an otherwise unfair
arrangement based upon cronyism.

Money makes it appear fair for one person to retain
their given possessions over others. Superficially,
this certainly looks to distribute resources according
to who deserves it. Then again, our true physical
needs are air, water, food, shelter, and reproduction.
Most of us are swimming amidst our needs, but no
longer recognize what it looks like. If we lie there
in the urban park, basking in the sun, pulling up
dandelion greens to eat... we literally risk arrest:


Our culture puts a locked door between us and our
needs; even sex can have a price. It is not money,
it's having access and knowledge to the food we eat,
the water we drink, and the air that we breathe. We
have plenty of room for everyone to sleep comfortably
and raise children. Money is the lock. We must
submit to slavery to have it, which in turn makes
money seem like a basic human need, which can be
horded to meet the fallacy need of security.

Permaculture is the key to open the lock. However, to
a great extent, we can't escape our bonds alone. We
need to rediscover our social instincts and form
tribes to help each other escape. The first priority
of these tribes ought to be finding land to free from
the speculative markets. For the sake of the planet,
the successful tribes need to help other tribes find
land and success. Ecovillages needn't be small, as a
larger population affords a better economy of scale,
which leads to a smaller per-capita environmental

Land ownership is the true evil. Without it, we are
not denied from practicing permaculture and relearning
what is food and and where is a good place to call


--- Marimike6 at cs.com wrote:
> Martin comments that "it is imposible to make money
> out of permaculture, as money is stuck in the
> mentality of the power structures that controll it,
> so any money permacultrist make in the begining and
> the end, support the unsustainable structures that
> are destroying the planet, so even making money
> destroys the earth you are trying to save, "

> Money per se is not evil. Without money, every time
> you wanted a pair of shoes you'd have to kill your
> own deer, skin it, tan the hide and sew your own
> mocs. A more efficient use of hide and of human
> endeavors is to employ a division of labor. And
> makes that possible.

> Less time spent by everyone in making their own,
> too. I find it much more convenient to spend $500 on
> this computer, for instance, than I would
> for raw germanium and cadmium ores, etc., and
> some books on how to smelt and stamp the ores and
> the machine together.
> I can't imagine a better way to make one's daily
> bread than by teaching permacultural methods to
> others. But again, just my opinion.
> Michael

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