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Mon Sep 19 10:14:41 EDT 2005

I enjoyed reading your plans for your home in a desert
setting.  I have similar plans for my home in Florida.

Some of them are underway already.  I have found
several plants that grow effortlessly here.  Sorghum
is one of these.  

My biggest challenge seems to be myself.  I grew up in
that system that taught me to be arrogant because I
succeeded at learning that junk they said I should
learn.  It is hard to adjust to processing sorghum
seed for grain...  

--- Leon Hudson <sfg2006 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> "I know that I do not know."  
> In my own situation of living in the arid high
> desert
> after much study/learning I hope to combine:
> Square Foot Gardening
> Permaculture
> Forest Gardening
> Rainwater Harvesting
> Edible Landscaping
> Alternative power(solar, etc.)
> Solar oven cooking
> This so that I can grow food for my family and
> beauty
> for the soul.  An area of 1400 square feet has been
> identified to start, moldy hay bales are being
> collected rather than sent to the garbage, rocks and
> plastic have been removed from the yard.  The rock
> and
> plastic were put there by a previous owner.  Small
> swales have been dug around the perimeter of the
> front
> yard and Blue Grama Grass, Fox Grass, and weeds(by
> some definitions) are finally growing on their own. 
> Most of this is going to be cut down and left to lay
> over the winter.  Hay bales will be used in swales. 
> Rainwater will be directed into 60 gallon barrels
> and
> routed to where it is needed.
> Much has been learned from others and I am thankful
> they shared their knowledge.  Much has been learned
> from the following:
> www.soilandhealth.org
> www.journeytoforever.org
> organichomesteadinggardening at yahoogroups.com
> and those on this group who have written books to
> share their knowledge.
> Many people cannot afford to pay for classes so
> reading books from the Public Library is a good
> thing.
> I thank all of you who are sharing your knowledge
> and
> hopefully someday will have this project completed.
> Learning continues, digging has started.
> Leon
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