[permaculture] permaculture Digest, Vol 32, Issue 27

Scott Pittman pci at permaculture-inst.org
Mon Sep 19 10:15:19 EDT 2005

Friends, Permies, Kerrverts and Greenbuilders,

   We are offering the third intensive Permaculture Design
Certification Course at Quiet Valley Ranch, home of the
Kerrville Folk Festival.  We have developed our own brand
of Permaculture in the Texas Hill Country and we call it 

   We will review and expand the Master Site Plan for the
Ranch with design emphasis on erosion control and soil
building, rainwater catchment, shade and edible
landscaping, waste management, green building, and creating
a non-profit.  We will visit several mature Permaculture
sites in the hill country and study the efforts already
made on the ranch by the Kerrmaculture Krew of the
Festival.  By the conclusion of the course, you will be
able to take any piece of property, rural or urban, and
apply a system approach to designing and building a
sustainable and green future.  

   In the past, Scott Pittman, Kirby Fry and Jefferson Ryon
have been joined by Pliny Fisk III, Gary Freeborg, Philip
Zbylot, George Swanson, Howie Richey, and Scotty Kellog and
Lyndon Phelps of the Rhyzome Collective to create masterful
presentations and thorough familiarity.  We continue to
seek the finest teachers and designers, to bring them to
Quiet Valley Ranch and, through the Festival, elevate the
presence and availability of Permaculture world-wide.

   If you are available at this time and committed to the
concepts of sustainable living, please call or e-mail now.
We have a flexible payment structure to accommodate many
situations.  Attached you will find the announcement and
working course outline.  Please call if you have any
questions, interest or intentions. 

Contact:  Rick Wright <rickwright52 at yahoo.com> for more information. 

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