[permaculture] Educating the ignorant

Marimike6 at cs.com Marimike6 at cs.com
Mon Sep 19 08:12:57 EDT 2005

Martin comments that "it is imposible to make money out of permaculture, as 
money is stuck in the mentality of the power structures that controll it, so 
any money permacultrist make in the begining and the end, support the 
unsustainable structures that are destroying the planet, so even making money destroys 
the earth you are trying to save, "

Wherever you walk you leave footprints, Martin. But most of us realize we're 
going to be spending a lifetime here, so we get used to stepping on stuff 
anyway. And it's true that six and a third billion of us leave a large footprint 
even when we're trying not to squash anything. Take dainty steps and minimize 
your impact, for sure. But let's don't just stay in bed all day.

Money per se is not evil. Without money, every time you wanted a pair of 
shoes you'd have to kill your own deer, skin it, tan the hide and sew your own 
mocs. A more efficient use of hide and of human endeavors is to employ a division 
of labor. And money makes that possible. If six billion people all wanted 
shoes but had no medium for exchange, there wouldn't be a hoofed animal left 
alive on the planet. But with money, it works out pretty conveniently. Rich folks 
can pay $3,000 for their Ferragamos while poor folks can still get a decent 
pair of kicks for $3 at the GCF.

Less time spent by everyone in making their own, too. I find it much more 
convenient to spend $500 on this computer, for instance, than I would prospecting 
for raw germanium and cadmium ores, etc., and reading some books on how to 
smelt and stamp the ores and put the machine together.

I can't imagine a better way to make one's daily bread than by teaching 
permacultural methods to others. But again, just my opinion.


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