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Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sat Sep 17 17:38:16 EDT 2005

Keith Johnson wrote:

> In the wake of hurricane Katrina, 
> the end of business as usual is no longer in our rear view mirrors. It 
> is staring at us all through the windshield. And neither government nor 
> Wall Street is going to save us.

CNN.com - A disturbing view from inside FEMA - Sep 17, 2005

A disturbing view from inside FEMA
Worker: Decision-makers lack disaster experience

Saturday, September 17, 2005; Posted: 5:06 p.m. EDT (21:06 GMT)
As Hurricane Katrina bore down on the Gulf Coast three weeks ago, 
veteran workers at the Federal Emergency Management Agency braced for an 
epic disaster.

But their bosses, political appointees with almost no emergency 
management experience, didn't seem to share the sense of urgency, a FEMA 
veteran said.

"We told these fellows that there was a killer hurricane heading right 
toward New Orleans," Leo Bosner, a 26-year FEMA employee and union 
leader told CNN. "We had done our job, but they didn't do theirs."( 
Watch video of the whistleblower)

Bosner's storm warning came early Saturday, three days before Hurricane 
Katrina came ashore in eastern Louisiana

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