[permaculture] Educating the ignorant

Carrie Shepard outlikeelijah at gbronline.com
Fri Sep 16 08:37:23 EDT 2005

<<<The first step might be to abandon the mindsets that you have a role as
an 'educator' or that the people you propose to interact with are

Isn't this the age-old 'snag' of applying one's values to the rest of the
world?   I'm just now reading Out of Africa and Dennison gives a lot of
stories of how differently the natives think about things than the english,
and also how they respect her opinion on some things.  

I happen to be a follower of the way, and believe the poor will always be
with us.  Progress as a value/goal for society is one of those humanistic
lies I think, though I'd love for everyone to live comfortably and have
enough food and clothing, there will always be those who have free will to
NOT receive those basic promises.



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