[permaculture] dealing with hard ground

Martin Naylor martinwnaylor at yahoo.com.au
Thu Sep 15 20:58:39 EDT 2005

i'm pretty sure the data base was by a university,
but the land that was regenerated, was by an ordinary fellar who just started from scratch, due to my lax filing, i can't find the email

"Lawrence F. London, Jr." <lfl at intrex.net> wrote:
Martin Naylor wrote:
> hi
> i've been into permaculture a long time, may be from the begining,
> i'm shore there is a group somewhere in mexico, who started from scratch and changed there own enviroment in 10 years,
> i've lost there web site, but i'm sure as cucumbers they where alive a year ago,
> i also wrote into piw, about a group in south america which had a web site twice the size of piw

Can you post that info again? What more do you know about them? Was it 
Gaviotas in Colombia, an intentional commmunity? There's another PC 
community on the coast of Colombia with massive projects, agroeconomic, 
involving stacked functions and recycling. They produce coffee, I think, 
mushrooms, and more where the byproducts of one processs are recycled as 
input for another. They may use water hyacinths to convert waste from 
one system and are then used to make another product (maybe edible fungi).

> lawrence, aparently i'm already on your raw food site, i must have joined, when i was in raw food, 
> how do i get back on to your site

The raw food site is a mailing list, 
like this PC one, http://lists.ibiblio.org/mailman/listinfo/permaculture

> love peace and happiness

Where in Oz are you?



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