[permaculture] New community planned for Katrina survivors

d pfalzer d_pfalzer at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 12 13:36:36 EDT 2005

I second your suspicions.  I have already heard
speculation on this matter from DemocracyNow

--- Adam Donnison <adam at saki.com.au> wrote:

> I know I'm going to get a reputation for seeing the
> bad in everything,
> but I have been waiting for this sort of
> announcement for some time.
> Why does it concern me?  Because I ask myself where
> is the 1,000 acres
> coming from.  I ask myself will developers see this
> as a golden
> opportunity to buy out the poor and reshape New
> Orleans.  And then
> I ask myself where do the poor fit in once this all
> happens.  And
> finally I ask myself if I am too cynical for my own
> good.
> I have a nagging doubt that those who were worst
> affected by this
> disaster will be allowed to recover from it.  In the
> land of
> opportunity, it is usually only those with the money
> that can make
> use of opportunities.  And what will the new New
> Orleans be like?
> Will the birthplace of Jazz be able to cope with its
> inevitable
> "gentrification"?  What will we as a society lose
> out on as a result
> of short term thinking?
> And is there reason for being cynical?  I'm not sure
> - on the
> surface this looks OK, but then I read in the
> article something
> that really summed this up for me:
> "He provided everything we needed here today," he
> said. "We all got new televisions."
> Yep, that's all they really needed.

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