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Carrie Shepard outlikeelijah at gbronline.com
Thu Sep 8 09:33:30 EDT 2005


seeing the optimum diet for man is fresh fruit and vegetables, do we need
fish and animal products, [for that matter how much grain is necesery for
optimum health, i've just started going raw, so don't have much personal
proof, although Joel Fuhrman m.d. eat to live presents a lot of scientific
evidence and case history's.]as this been explored in p.c.
excelent work lawrence

Following a vegan diet has put many of my friends into serious health
problems.  Many ended up with severe 'rare' anemias or one male friend with
testicular cancer from all the pro-veggie soy products and the wrong
estrogens in unfermented soy.  All of these peoples' health have improved
drastically by adding raw milk products and raw eggs back into their diets.
My own health problems (systemic candida albicans and hypoglycemia, and the
beginnings of snowballing allergies) have greatly improved from getting
sugar out and getting raw goat milk, raw goat milk kefir, and raw egg yolk
into my daily routine.  Having the goats means I get great exercise in
tending them and milking twice a day.  It also means I have excellent
fertilizer daily and that their pasture is being fertilized.
www.westonaprice.org has given me my quality of life back.  I'm 38, have had
4 children, and have energy to enjoy life again.  At one point I spent 8
months going to doctors with no help/healing whatsoever, I couldn't breathe
through my nose, had sores coming and going in my nose, laryngitis,
dizziness, chronic fatigue, ear infections, finger infections, sore mouth
problems (the dentist identified it as yeast overgrowth), etc.. Talk about
depressing!!.  Changing my diet to include wholesome meats, raw milk
products, and the fruits and veggies keeps me well.

An interesting thing I've noticed is that our neighbor's whole property now
seems considerably lower than ours does.  The neighbors mow their several
acres almost to the soil level routinely and bag up immediately all the
fallen leaves (they're very nice and ask if I want them -- I layer them on
my gardens in the fall and winter).    We don't mow often and I'm always
making inroads on planting more trees, shrubs and flowers so that there will
be even less TO mow.  My husband has now caught a vision for the things I've
been challenging him on -- like mowing -- when we moved in here the front
yard was just about 6 widely spaced apart maple trees and nothing but
bermuda grass which he wanted to be a suburban slave to and mow flat all the
time.   Now the weedeater doesn't get so much use and the mower gets used
only when it seems really necessary.    We have lots more stuff growing
everywhere and he has learned to identify a lot more plantlife as we've
watched some of the permaculture concepts happen (like edge theory, fences
creating micro-climates, shrubs feeding and housing more birds, etc...)

Raw dieting works for a few short term, but long term, you better add some
raw egg, raw milk, and raw healthy grass fed meats to stay well.  Initially
a lot of people feel better, but eventually complications arise as plant
protein is NOT always digestible by humans and the fruit and veggie thing
can leave you with major blood sugar fluctuations which stresses the whole
endocrine system. 

Be Well,

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