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Subject: 	[SANET-MG] California Bay Delta Authority Seeks Technical Experts
Date: 	Mon, 31 Oct 2005 10:15:57 -0800
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The California Bay-Delta Authority (CBDA) Ecosystem Restoration Program
is seeking technical experts to evaluate submissions for its 2005
Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP).  Selected proposals will assist
farmers in integrating agricultural activities with ecosystem
restoration.  The geographic area of interest is California’s Sacramento
River and San Joaquin River watersheds and the San Francisco Estuary.
More information on the solicitation can be found at


   Purpose of the Review

The Ecosystem Restoration Program relies substantially on external
reviews for deciding what proposals are to be funded.  The review
process is critical to ensure that the best projects are selected to
further the goals of the CALFED Bay-Delta Program agencies.

   Responsibilities of Reviewers

If selected, reviewers may be asked to review up to three proposals in
fields that are most relevant to their areas of expertise.  Selected
reviewers will also be asked to utilize their professional knowledge and
expertise to determine the merit and impacts of the proposed project.
Detailed evaluation criteria will accompany each proposal.  It is
anticipated that proposals will be distributed for review in early
January 2006 and will be due by early March 2006.


  Interested reviewers should possess the following qualifications:

Expertise or professional experience in one or more of
the topical areas identified in the solicitation;

Background in overseeing or conducting projects of a
similar nature to those targeted through the solicitation;

Key role or association within the scientific community;
Published related material in peer-reviewed publications
broadly recognized by the scientific and/or agricultural communities.


Reviewers will be compensated $300 for each proposal reviewed.

*Conflict of Interest*

Potential reviewers with any conflict of interest will not be
considered.  Reviewers will be required to sign an affidavit stating
that they have no conflicts of interest with any applicants.  Reviewers
who have a connection with the applicants or the submitting entity must
reveal their connections prior to performing the review; such
connections may not necessarily disqualify the reviewer.  A more
detailed description of what constitutes a conflict of interest can be
found in Attachment 3 of the PSP.

   How to Apply

To be considered as a reviewer for this solicitation, please visit the
solicitation website (http://www.calwater.ca.gov/Solicitation) and
follow the reviewer registration instructions.  These instructions can
be found by clicking the “Registration” link on the left side of the PSP

The reviewer assignment process will begin soon after the closing of the
PSP solicitation on December 15, 2005. */ If you are interested in
becoming a reviewer, please register as soon as possible./*


For additional information, email /help at solicitation.calwater.ca.gov
<mailto:help at solicitation.calwater.ca.gov>* */or call the PSP Helpline
at 877/408-9310.

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