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Hey Larry,

We'd love to have that list of plants on hand here.  Do you have a link
for it?  

Thanks much,

Heather Gaudet
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Designers for extreme cold?

Vint et al,

We have a Permaculture Design Course scheduled for April 16 -29, 2006 
in Bliss, Idaho...(yes, Bliss!) and we will, of course, be featuring 
strategies, techniques and technologies for cold climates.
details coming soon -www.IdahoPermaculture.com.

For a decade of my life I homesteaded in "rustic elegance" in the 
forests of the inland NorthWest. These days I am very much into the 
greening movement in manufactured homes and the clean-lines of a more 
modern design aesthetic -and I'm happy to say, I'm once again living 
and enjoying the weather of California's beautiful Central Coast.

When I lived in the Great Northwest... I worked on the production 
crew, for Tony Galen, Julian Russell and Bill Mollison, on the cold 
climate segment of "The Global Gardener" video and have maintained 
clients and projects there ever since... including the extreme 
conditions of the Flathead Reservation.

I'd be happy to give you a list of plants, suitable for (most of) the 
extremes of the inland Northwest that I compiled while working at 
Bear Creak Nursery (back in the day) and am now using for a project 
in Whitefish, Montana.
see -http://www.gaynorsinthewoods.com/OurStory.html

I'm not sure if he does any design work -but for plant info -Michael 
Pilarski is a legend in the Northwest and is truly a "walking 
encyclopedia" of botanical and ethnobotanical info...
see - http://www.friendsofthetrees.net/

Don't forget Jerome Ostentowski's infamous green house designs.
see - http://www.crmpi.org/

Most any super-insulated house should work well there... I just 
finished a design for a single story load-bearing straw bale house 
with radiant-floor-heat hooked into the water heater.  I recommend; 
Building One House: A Handbook For Straw Bale Construction by 
Nathaniel Corum, Red Feather Development Co.
see - http://redfeather.org/boh.html.

There is also a home builder in Livinston Montana that insulated a 
grain silo to use as living space.
see - http://organicstyle.com/feature/0,8028,s1-37-0-0-1290,00.html

Good luck,


Larry Santoyo, Director
EarthFlow Design Works

>Information shared to the whole list might also be appreciated. I may
not live
>in a zone known for extreme cold as in Montana, but in my exceptionally
>pocket of New York's Finger Lakes, I rarely get more than 12 frost-free
>Cold-hardy agroforestry, greenhouses (look up Elliot Coleman,) and
>well-designed homes seem to be key.
>Who else is growing/living in zone 4 or colder?
>-Michael Burns
>>I have received an inquiry for both permaculture and building design
>>Northern Montana. Low temps are twenty to thirty degrees sub-zero
>>Does anyone have any recommendations of practitioners in this area or
>>equivalent and neighboring zones?
>>Anyone who should be avoided?
>>You can contact me off list if you wish.
>>Vint Lawrence


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