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Greg FarmerGreg at UrbanFarm.org
Sat Oct 29 09:12:54 EDT 2005

Hi all

The First Tuesday Permaculture Discussion, starting November first, 
was conceived at the Urban Farm during the recent one-day 
Permaculture Design Course.  All details are below.
If you would like the flyer, let me know.  It was too large to send 
to the list.

The Phoenix Permaculture Guild Presents: First Tuesday Permaculture Discussion
Come, share, discuss and hear about various exciting aspects of 
Sustainability at Unlimited
Coffee, 741 E. Glendale Avenue in Phoenix, 6:30 - 8:00 pm on the 
first Tuesday of the month

First Tuesday Discussion Schedule:
*November 1, 2005 - Forest gardening in the Desert - Applied 
Permaculture - Chris Carlile
No matter what your irrigation setup (or just rain), learn how a 
forest garden in the desert can save water and energy, increase food 
productivity and moderate temperatures around your home.  The key to 
a successful forest garden is thoughtful site observation and design, 
using permaculture strategies to put it all together.  Come learn and 
discuss how we can apply these techniques to live sustainably and 
peacefully in this desert city.  We are all relatives within this 
great cycle of life.
*December 6, 2005 - Using Your Microclimates - Don titmus
Nature will give you the gift of microclimates as only the summer 
months can give!  Come learn how to use the cold or to offset its 
damage. I will talk about shadow, cold, day length, passive solar 
stratagies, and answer your questions about microclimates in general.
*January 3, 2006 - Energy From the Sun - Greg Peterson
Greg will facilitate a discussion on photovoltaic water heating and 
other applications in the Southwest Desert.
*February 7, 2006 - Spring Planting - Jay Johnson,  and - Seed and 
Transplant Trade
Bring your seeds and transplants to trade with others; Jay will talk 
about what annuals and perennials can be planted in spring, tips and 
tricks to preparing your soil and how to choose a location for your 

Future Discussions: Organic Pest Control.  Desert Hydrophonics. 
Traditional native and European agricultural systems in the Phoenix 
area, and how this knowledge can be applied to a modern permaculture 
context.  Harvesting the Wind.  Greywater systems in Phoenix.  Any 
and all aspects of edible landscapes.  Green Building.  Passive Solar 

Share Your Ideas for Discussions:  Contact Pauline at at (602) 
867-1526 or p_tessier at earthlink.net.



The Urban Farm
Growing good food
Having fun gardening
Connecting with nature

Greg Peterson

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