[permaculture] Portable, emergency filtration equipment to create potable water for disaster relief

Kelly Finigan kfinigan at spots.ca
Wed Oct 26 19:59:41 EDT 2005

Answers to Larry's questions below...

> Post treatment might involve metering bactericides into the flow as 
> needed. This is the area he was most interested in and where he has 
> experience. Nevertheless he was motivated to use his expertise to 
> help those in need who are affected by disasters present and future 
> and create a product he could market to help stabilize his own income.
> Does anyone have experience with water treatment systems, low or hi tech
> utilizing mainstream or appropriate technology.


 Does pre-treatment of
> non-drinkable water with a Living Machine seem to be a strategy 
> worth pursuing?

not really. This is geared toward sewage treatment.

I would suggest a variation on (or the original) "Canadian Water Filter" as 
produced by the company Davnor Water Treatment (and an associated non-profit 
that trains aid workers). Search the web for exact details. This was 
developed in the early/mid 1990's and used successfully in Central America at 
first, then around the world...a pretty cheap, simple (it uses sand and 
bacteria in the water) and effective solution.


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