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ROBINA McCURDY of 'GREENWORLD-EARTHCARE''  of Tui Ecovillage New Zealand in 
Ojai California Nov 10-13 2005

NOV 10, 7.00pm Thurs Oak Grove School Oak 220 W. Lomita Ave, Meiners Oak 
near Ojai, Donation welcomed.
Contact Dorothy Wallstein: Dorothy at paulherder.com 805 646 0752

Nov 11 Fri , 9am - 4pm: Workshop at Oak Grove School 220 W. Lomita Ave, 
Meiners Oak near Ojai
Huckleberry Leonard
'In Service' Training for School Teachers & Community Educators
Sliding Scale fee of $65 (community groups) - $150 (institutions) (see 
below for background & description)
Contact Dorothy Wallstein: Dorothy at paulherder.com 805 646 0752

Nov Fri 11 Eve 7.30pm - 9.30pm: Slideshow COMMUNITY GLUE' at Full Circle 
Farm, Ojai
Full Circle Farm #10239.Hwy #150 near Ojai Foundation Upper Ojai Valley
COMMUNITY GLUE' where Permaculture meets Social Ecology in Intentional 
Communities & Ecovillages around the World
Contact 640-9808. Teph Dubois" <tephdubois at yahoo.com>, Sliding Scale 
donation: $5 - $10

Nov 12 Sat 12 9.30 - 4pm at Oak Grove School, Ojai 'PERMACULTURE IN THE 
Creating Happy Home-spaces "Together' Taught by Robina McCurdy and 
Huckleberry Leonard.
Workshop for parents, and those who love to work-play with children. Lots 
of interactive activity: on-site design work together, 'hands-on' 
practicals, music, storytelling, and Robina's slideshow presentation: Small 
Space: Big Harvest.
Cost: Sliding Scale for Adults: $45 - $90 per person. $75 - $150 per 
couple. Children over 3 years old: $15 for 1 child, $22 for 2, each 
additional child beyond that number: free. Please bring 'pot luck' lunch to 
Contact Dorothy Wallstein: Dorothy at paulherder.com 805 646 0752

Nov12 Sat : 7.30pm - venue to be announced."KAITIAKITANGA' - a presentation 
and sharing by Robina (and friends),
regarding traditional Maori (NZ Native peoples) culture with regard to the 
caretaking and protection of the natural world - and how that relates our 
land and cultures here in USA. Includes storytelling, music and dance. 
Admission: koha (open-hearted donation).

Nov: 13 Sun 10am - 5.15pm - venue to be announced.
This workshop is for anyone who lives and/or works within a group 
situation.  It covers:
- simple group alignment methods,
- cross cultural communication approaches,
-  'designing out' conflict and 'designing in' trust and safety,
- sustaining vision and maintaining energy in the face of adversity,
- holistic decision making processes & action strategies,
- creating sustainable livelihoods and strengthening cultural practices, 
through connecting with the cycles of nature,
- reworking personal and organizational time management with natural 
cycles, to minimize stress and maximize quality of life.
Cost:  Sliding Scale fee (income related:  representing low - high waged) 
$60 - $120

For more on Robina and Huckleberry's work, visit their website:

# 'In Service' Training for School Teachers & Community Educators in 

S.E.E.D. (Schools Environmental Education & Development) is a program of 
Earthcare Education Aotearoa, which Robina developed and piloted over seven 
years, that is now established in South Africa and Brazil and influencing 
school programmes in Australia and NZ. This training for educators is in 
the principles and practical methods of S.E.E.D., which works in 
cooperation with teachers, students and parents to create a practically 
applied integrated land-use design for the school grounds as a 
comprehensive outdoor classroom. It combines the following elements: 
community participation, culture (eg song, drama, dance), environmental 
awareness, permaculture design, practical implementation of the design by 
children, teachers and parents together. S.E.E.D. recognizes schools as 
community resources and communities as school resources, and the training 
incorporates strategies to strengthen this relationship.  This particular 
workshop focuses on bringing gardens and grounds into the school 
curriculum, and covers:
* School food gardens as a component of whole school grounds development.
* Related programmes in schools around the world.
* Research evidence of the educational and social benefits of creating and 
using 'the outdoor classroom'.
* School food gardens - how to develop and sustain them with each class level.
* School gardens and grounds as an educational resource: concept & design 
stage, implementation stage, development & maintenance stage
* Practical work with the school children (in the afternoon)
* Resources and teaching aids.

Robina McCurdy
Robina is co founder/resident/trustee of Tui Land Trust & Community, 
founder/trustee of the Institute for Earthcare Education Aotearoa, 
originator/co-tutor of the international program SEED (Schools 
Environmental Education & Development) and originator/co-tutor of NZ's 
permaculture vocational training course 'PLANET Organic' 
(www.planetorganic.org.nz). She has a range of teaching qualifications, 
including a Diploma in Permaculture. For 20 years Robina has been engaged 
in community development, permaculture design and tutoring, organic 
growing, the development of environmental education resources and the 
creation of participatory processes for decision making and collective 
action. She has taught and applied these powerful community-building 
methods with households, neighbourhoods, schools, farms, ecovillages and 
bioregions, in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Southern 
Africa, Ireland, Britain, Scotland and Brazil.  Robina has a flair for 
using minimal resources to bring about significant changes in the lives of 
people, their communities and their environment. Because she is able to 
accomplish so much with so little, her work in 'developing countries' has 
often been supported by international funding agencies and national embassies.

Huckleberry Leonard (Olympic Peninsula, Washington State, USA)
For the past 30 years Huckleberry has been owner of and primary consultant 
for GREENWORLD, a company specialising in edible and sustainable landuse 
design in the northwest USA. He has taught permaculture design in South 
Africa, Britain, Australia and North & South America, including community 
projects in Patagonia, Costa Rica and many states of the USA. He also 
teaches classes in native plant identification, wild foods foraging and 
seed collecting, and facilitates deep nature connection experiences in the 
Olympic National Park wilderness. Huckleberry is a plant materials 
collector, and plant adviser for Raintree Nursery (USA-wide plant mail 
order). As a singer-songwriter, Huckleberry has written and performed many 
environmental/sustainability themed songs for children, and as professional 
Permaculture consultant, he has designed many gardens for and with 
children. As a father, scoutmaster, camp director and counsellor, he 
regularly took children into the wilderness and introduced them to ecology, 
animals and wild harvesting of foods.  A priority in Huckleberry's work is 
facilitating children to have fulfilling and fun experiences in nature, 
laying the foundation for future environmental stewardship.

For more on Robina and Huckleberry's work, visit their website: 


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