[permaculture] trees and CO2

Stephen Figgins stephen at plainscraft.com
Fri Oct 21 01:44:48 EDT 2005

>>I just recently read the summary of a NASA study that said  
>>rainforest deforestation causes little of the rise in global CO2  
>>levels.  This totally contradicts everything I've heard before.  I  
>>don't know of a good source of information on this topic.

In a speach at Kansas University about 15 years ago James Lovelock 
mentioned this, that the rainforest doesn't produce that much oxygen. 
He pointed out that it does act to cool the Earth though, and has a 
large effect on weather patterns.   Without it, he cautioned, that the 
Earth might have a difficult time maintaining our current temperatures 
and weather conditions which would otherwise fluctuate wildly.

Of course he mainly believes that living things create the conditions 
that suit them on the Earth - that in this way the earth exhibits 
homeostasis.  Damage enough living systems and the homeostasis will fail.

You might look at his book, The Ages of Gaia, for more information on this.


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