[permaculture] A Permanent Culture:-Rural or Urban or......

Laurence Gaffney lgaffney at bigpond.com
Tue Oct 18 20:20:29 EDT 2005

Some thoughts:-
1.    Our understanding/comprehension of what a sustainable/permanent culture might look like  will determine the direction we take with our Permaculture Design. 
2.    Permaculture Design by definition must be about planning ahead.
3.    One goal of a Permculture Design must surely be to achieve a balance of inputs and outputs across the "system boundaries" at some future point. (This point may not even be in our own lifetimes so we must avoid evaluating prematurely.) 
4.    An energetic evaluation in the thermodynamic sense of the here and now can only provide partial information for consideration when undertaking/evaluating Permaculture Design. Energetic consideration (predictively) of the Design throughout the various phases of implementation is at least as important.
5.     The growing/evolving/dynamic nature of a Permaculture is a given. Static, now focused energetic evaluation is of limited relevance.

Laurence Gaffney  

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