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Tue Oct 18 18:28:58 EDT 2005

URGENT ­ please register your interest before Nov 1

Don¹t miss this chance to learn creative facilitation with Robin Clayfield
And gain an Assessor Workplace Training Cert IV

APT Accredited Permaculture Training
Course Orientation Workshop (COW) and Creative Adult Learning Facilitation
7-day course Nov 26-Dec 2, 2005

At Djanbung Gardens Permaculture Education Centre, Nimbin NSW

The first 2 days (COW) is also prerequisite training for those who already
have a AWT Cert IV wishing to teach APT.

Further details 
Email <robyn at permaculture.com.au>

NOTE: This will be the last AWT Cert IV course for APT trainers (a new TAA
Cert IV will be introduced next year & at present it is uncertain when we
will be ready to conduct the new program or what cost it will be). It is
essential for issuing qualifications that anyone potentially interested in
doing the Nov-Dec course register their interest prior to Nov 1 as names
must be submitted to Hortus on that date.

Read on for further info about Creative Facilitation

The 4-day CALF component is modelled on Robin Clayfield¹s ŒDYNAMIC GROUPS¹
(An Adventure in CREATIVE FACILITATION¹) and designed especially to cover
the 5 of the 8 competencies of a C4 Assessment and Workplace Training Course
for Permaculture Educators wanting to teach the new Accredited Permaculture
Training. It will specifically address the topics of ŒAdult Learning and
Learners¹, ŒGroup Dynamics¹, ŒTraining Plans¹, ŒLearning Resources¹,
ŒDelivering Methodologies¹, ŒEvaluating Training¹, ŒPlanning and Promoting
Training¹, and ŒPractical Demonstration¹.



An Adventure in Creative Facilitation, Interactive Learning Methods

 Personal Empowerment and Skills Development.

This course is a unique opportunity to work with Robin Clayfield of
Earthcare Education in an open, creative and stimulating atmosphere. The aim
of this course is to up-skill anyone involved in the areas of education and
group work from established teachers, people conducting introductory
workshops or guest speaker spots to anyone wanting to start teaching or
working more creatively in groups. It would particularly suit people who
have an environment focus and is aimed specifically at Permaculture
Practitioners. It will concentrate on how we can create environments in
which people can learn effectively, rather than what facts they should be
made to remember.

This is a practical hands-on course which will cover such areas as
Accelerated Learning, Educational Kinesiology, how people learn, Cross
crawling, brainstorming and mind mapping, role playing, PMI technique,
Visualization, and many other creative Facilitation processes, confidence
building, problem solving, music and movement, process development/session
planning and many of the other tools and processes used by Earthcare
Education. This is a needs based course where everyone will be involved and
contributing to their own learning process. Please bring tools, resources,
books, coloured pens, crayons etc, juggling balls, instruments and any other
materials that you may feel are appropriate.

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