[permaculture] shout out to Gaia

Nanette Echols nanettechols at visi.com
Tue Oct 18 09:08:54 EDT 2005

I live in St. Paul and would love to get together and discuss urban 
permaculture. e-mail me off list.
nanettechols (at) visi (dot) com
gaia wrote:

>hello   MIKAL,
>     nice  to find you in the box(or out of it, as the case may be )
>thanks for initiating this lively discussion. I advocated strongly for this 
>approach in Powderhorn Park,an urban minneapolis 80acre "park"
>an oasis where the ruling humans insisted upon mowing  the wild  into 
>A number of residents came together to assist in shifting consciousness.
>of course,  the Earth is edible, how could be have forgotten how delicious 
>she is..

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