[permaculture] 'Unwelcome Guests' Permaculture Radio broadcasts

Graham grahamburnett at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Oct 17 15:22:07 EDT 2005

Just found this archived at A-infos website- 2x1 hour radio broadcasts 
on permaculture, downloadable for non-profit use- Havn't listened to it 
all, but might be interesting?


Notes: This week we continue our series of presentations from the first 
national conference on peak oil and community solutions held last month 
in Yellow Springs, Ohio. In the previous weeks' programs, speakers have 
explained how modern industrial society has been made possible by cheap 
and plentiful fossil fuel energy, which from this point on will be 
increasingly expensive and scarce, and how this is likely to impact an 
economic system which is based on the false assumptions of unlimited 
natual resources and endless growth. And we have heard how our 
population, techonolgies, and expectations of bigger and better, are on 
a collision course with the finite resources of this planet.

In this episode we'll focus on sustainable agriculture in the context of 
sustainable human culture, and examine our assumptions about progress, 
technology, and social relations in light of our ecological reality. 
We'll begin with a presentation from the conference on Permaculture, a 
design system that many believe is the perfect tool for transition to 
the energy descent society

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