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Martin Naylor martinwnaylor at yahoo.com.au
Sun Oct 16 22:15:27 EDT 2005

stealing apples [oxford english dictionary] however when i was a kid in late 50' early 60's it was quite excepted by everyone, we only ate what we could usualy siting in the tree, mate we could eat a lot, though i remember parents asking what we got upto and telling them we went scrumping and ate like 10 apples in one tree 15 in another and on and on, they where smiling probably at remebering themselves doing it and the quantities they ate, and still ate tea/dinner depending on which side of the pond your on

mIEKAL aND <dtv at mwt.net> wrote:What would be the definition of "scrumping"? Great word but never 
heard it before on this side of the pond(s).

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