[permaculture] Peak Oil

Robert Waldrop bwaldrop at cox.net
Fri Oct 14 22:13:31 EDT 2005

Someone I know who is a very experiencd
permaculturist recently told me that he hopes that
cities can be permacultured because he certainly
doesn't want all those people moving to rural

I think about permaculturing cities a lot.  I
think that this is the upcoming great frontier for
permaculture.  A major emphasis in the written
permaculture canon, the oral teachings of the
various permaculture teaching lineages, the lived
wisdom of the actual sites of permacultural
activity, and the on-going conversation in
teaching and discussion, is rural permaculture.
Having developed its roots in the countryside, it
seems to me that more needs to be done, lived,
spoken of, and written about, in urban contexts.

Robert Waldrop, in Oklahoma City, which isn't
exactly Manhatten, but it isn't a valley in the
mountains of North Carolina either

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