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Graham grahamburnett at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Oct 14 16:31:26 EDT 2005

Organic Lea, a community growing/permaculture project based in the Lea 
Valley in North East LOndon, Uk, have a similar scheme called the 
Scrumping Project-you can link to an explanatory press release by going 
to http://www.organiclea.org.uk/news.html

Cheers Graham www.spiralseed.co.uk

mIEKAL aND wrote:

>(apologies if this has been posted before.  what a great idea to 
>connect free fruit with the people who could harvest & eat it.  too bad 
>it's not an international database..  ~mIEKAL)
>A SPECTER is haunting our cities: barren landscapes with foliage and 
>flowers,but nothing to eat. Fruit can grow almost anywhere,  and can be 
>harvested by everyone. Our cities are planted with frivolous and ugly 
>landscaping, sad shrubsand neglected trees, whereas they should burst 
>with ripe produce. Great sumsof money are spent on young trees, water 
>and maintenance. While these trees are beautiful, they could be 
>healthy, fruitful and beautiful.
>WE ASK all of you to petition your cities and towns to support 
>community gardens and only plant fruit-bearing trees in public parks. 
>Let our streets be lined with apples and pears! Demand that all parking 
>lots be landscaped with fruit trees which provide shade, clean the air 
>and feed the people.
>FALLEN FRUIT is a mapping and manifesto for all the free fruit we can 
>find. Every day there is food somewhere going to waste. We encourage 
>you to find it, tend and harvest it. If you own property, plant food on 
>your perimeter. Share with the world and the world will share with you. 
>Barter, don't buy! Give things away! You have nothing to lose but your 
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