[permaculture] Peak Oil

Kaia Bronte kaiabronte at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 16:04:29 EDT 2005

Bart, I did not suggest concentrating on gardening. That's putting words in
my mouth.

I suggested applying the principles and ethics of permaculture here and now,
based on current reality, not uncertain future possibilities. Permaculture
is not gardening. It is a system that encompasses every aspect of life,
work, community.

If you apply the principles on site and in community now, peak oil won't
make much difference to those who are already getting a yield. Peak oil is a
noisy, faddish reason to concentrate on permaculture that is outweighed by
the many other reasons to apply the principles to design. Permaculture is
equally significant with or without a peak oil crisis.

/ l.s. / Kaia Bronte

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>> I wish it were possible, Kaia, to concentrate on gardening and "take no
thought for tomorrow."


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