[permaculture] Better the devil you know

William Genest genest at pivot.net
Thu Oct 13 03:43:12 EDT 2005

Andrew I love the simple phrase you posted here !

In my talks, after I've done my best to explain permaculture and the  
big picture, I always get this question "WHat can I do? - What are  
some measures little ol' me can take in my daily life to make a  
difference" and I always hate that question and I didn't know why -  
On the one hand I think whatever I suggest is trifling and hackneyed  
- "recycle, use less, walk"-  D'uh - On the other hand there's my  
belief that we as individuals are being played - that the real  
leverage is not, e.g. you and I using less water when only 10% of  
water use is residential....

Here's my answer to the question forhwith:  DO WHAT YOU CAN,  
HERE,NOW !! Period - You do the right thing cause it's the right  
thing to do.....  Exercise the ethics: Care for the earth, care for  
the people, return a surplus.


On Oct 13, 2005, at 2:15 AM, Jara wrote:

> NOW !!
> . Do what you
> can do here and now and give as much away as you can.
> Andrew.
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