[permaculture] Portable, emergency filtration equipment to create potable water for disaster relief

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Mon Oct 10 13:04:22 EDT 2005

A machinist/technician/inventor in Costa Rica has expressed interest, in 
a machinist forum, in designing and prototyping portable equipment to 
make potable water from existing supplies for disaster relief 
situations. He had Guatemala and other Central American areas as well as
Pakistan and other earthquake, tsunami and hurricane victims in mind.

I suggested that pre-treatment equipment along the lines of John Todd's 
Living Machine (Ocean Arks International) could be designed and put in 
place on the ready in disaster-prone areas of the world or packaged and 
ready to ship out at a moment's notice. Tanks and other types of 
containers, filtration components, pumps, pipes, structural members, 
aquatic plants, amphibians, fish, insects, invertebrates, 
microorganisms, mineral aggreates of verying types 
(sand/pebbles/rocks/rock dusts) are typical components used in systems 
of this type.

Post treatment might involve metering bactericides into the flow as 
needed. This is the area he was most interested in and where he has 
experience. Nevertheless he was motivated to use his expertise to help 
those in need who are affected by disasters present and future and 
create a product he could market to help stabilize his own income.

Does anyone have experience with water treatment systems, low or hi tech
utilizing mainstream or appropriate technology. Does pre-treatment of
non-drinkable water with a Living Machine seem to be a strategy worth 


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