[permaculture] Peak-oil scenario fuels "go local", campaign

Marimike6 at cs.com Marimike6 at cs.com
Sun Oct 9 18:33:01 EDT 2005

Gryphon says

"I'm not so confident about that Toby. Humankind has gotten along quite 
well over the ages from living off the land. Afterall , it was energy 
from coal and oil that made life in the big cities possible. Once that's 
gone, I don't see much hope there -- too many people will be competing 
for too few resources; city dwellers are equally dependent on 
transported goods, especially food."

It's not going to happen one day where you wake up and BAM, there's no more 
oil. The scenario is going to be spread out over the next forty years or so, as 
the supply of wealth, in the form of cheap fossil energy, continues to 

And it won't be pleasant, either in the city or in the country. Before oil, 
the world supported about a billion people living off the land. Today we've got 
6-1/2 billion and climbing. The 5-1/2 billion=plus on their way to becoming 
redundant aren't likely to go away peacefully.

So these should continue to be increasingly interesting times. I think the 
only rule we can count on up ahead is to keep bobbing and weaving, and to keep 
our eye on everything that moves.

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