[permaculture] Peak-oil scenario fuels "go local", campaign

Gryphon Danu gryphon at tripleaspect.com
Sun Oct 9 17:41:49 EDT 2005

I'm not so confident about that Toby. Humankind has gotten along quite 
well over the ages from living off the land. Afterall , it was energy 
from coal and oil that made life in the big cities possible. Once that's 
gone, I don't see much hope there -- too many people will be competing 
for too few resources; city dwellers are equally dependent on 
transported goods, especially food.

Yeah, living completely rural outside of a community as you once did is 
probably a bad choice -- but leaving cities for small, progressive towns 
that are in close proximity to agriculture and other natural resources 
like timber, good soil, and clean water is really the way to go. I 
personally like the ideas they're formulating over at 

Good luck.


>Setting aside the Y2k-style nonsense of end-of-the-world scenarios due to
>Peak Oil, what sort of fool would flee the suburbs for the country? One who
>doesn't know that rural dwellers are even more oil dependent than city
>folks. In the country, nothing is within walking distance, there's no mass
>transit, jobs are far away, and all supplies must be trucked long distances.
>The only asset is land. Yet there is enough land in and near all but the
>largest cities to grow all the food necessary for the residents. The suburbs
>will wither, but most rural people will be even worse off. Having lived in
>the country, I'll stay in the city as the oil runs out. It's hard to go
>local if there is no local economy, as is often the case in the country.

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