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To Whom it may concern, and especially experts in Permaculture,
 I am writing you today to send out a  word for help with Permaculture  
for the good folks of  Zimbabwe.  My name is Sally Hirsh and I'm a 
citizen of Winston-Salem, N.C.  Last week I happened to attend a meeting 
of our city's African American Ministers where I heard from a Zimbabwean 
man named C.H. Chiromo (a hard 'ch' and accent on the first 
syllable--e-mail: chamuh at mweb.co <mailto:chamuh at mweb.co>).  He had been 
invited by the ministers to speak on the needs of his community (the 
Babtist Convention of Zimbabwe).   He expressed an urgent plea for help 
with expertise in permaculture, the digging of wells and pipeline 
construction to create a water reservoir, and money--$12,000--for the 
project.  The ministers here in Winston were certain they could raise at 
least half of the money, BUT NOBODY said a word about permaculture.  I 
said I could communicate with people that are doing it here in NC.  Thus 
I write to you.
Mr. Chiromo shared some shocking statistics with us that day on the 
state of existence in Zimbabwe.  As many are aware, the death toll from 
Aids is reaching unbelievable statistics: 2,000 a week (or did he say 
month?...its still shocking!).  The country has suffered drought going 
on now for two years, and a political situation.....well, where do we 
begin?  Independence in the 1980's left 80% of the land in 2% of the 
population....a dictator who supported this 2% for many years until the 
people rose up and he shifted his allegiance.  Mr. Chiromo says he and 
others are only surviving because of faith.
I have little knowledge of Permaculture except by talking with a friend 
of mine here in Winston who has looked into it and is attempting to 
weave it into her gardening practices.  I do realize there are 
intentional communities around the globe and that the UN has had summits 
addressing this.  You know much more.  All I can do is send this e-mail 
out and hope someone will contact Mr. Chiromo if  you have any ideas for 
him and can give him a ray of hope.
Good luck and thank you, Sally Hirsh
PS--if his e-mail doesn't work, contact me and I will contact the 
ministers I met that day.  My  e-mail is: alnsalnjo at aol.com 
<mailto:alnsalnjo at aol.com>. 

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