[permaculture] Finger Lakes Permaculture Design Certificate Course w/ Geoff Lawton begins Nov., 18

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sponsored by the
Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute


November 18 – March 25

with instructors Geoff Lawton, Steve Gabriel,
Karryn Olson-Ramanujan, local experts,
and apprentice teachers

Now accepting applications for
full and part time students!

Weekend modules start NOVEMBER 18!

10% tuition discount if you sign up by October 18.

An overview of the ethics, principles, perspectives,
and techniques of permaculture. With the completion of
required coursework, students are able to use
permaculture for business purposes and further
personal study toward becoming a certified practitioner.

It is a course for educators, farmers, community
members, government officials, engineers, architects,
landscapers, horticulturalists, environmental groups,
activists, artists, and gardeners. It's for anyone
interested in sustainability and good design.

We will learn through lectures, films, and field
trips, but mostly by doing hands on, interactive work
as a learning community.

Certificate = Intro to PC + Core A and B + 2 Electives
+ Design Fundamentals

Introduction to Permaculture

11/18 – 11/21: Three day overview covering the basic
principles and applications of permaculture with
internationally renowned permaculturalist Geoff

Core Modules A

12/3 Reading the Landscape
12/4 The Built Environment
12/10 Water


1/7/06 Invisible Structures I: Economy as a
Regenerative Model
1/8/06 Invisible Structures II: Governance,
Community, and Legal Systems

Core Modules B

1/21 Waste Treatment and Recycling
1/22 The Cultivated Ecology
2/4 Global Perspectives
2/5 Soil Ecology
2/18 Forests and Trees


2/19 Village and Urban Design
2/25 Cultural, Spiritual, and Health Applications of
3/4 Advanced Principles: David Holmgren’s Model
3/5 Holistic Education

Design Fundamentals

1/28 or 2/26
Introduction to Design: Theory and Methods

NOTE: This module is a prerequisite for the Design

3/17-2/19 DESIGN PRACTICUM: hands-on demonstration of
permaculture skills learned through a group project

3/25 Presentations and Party!

You can chose to enroll as a full time or part time

Full Time:
Entire Course (100+ hrs), including introduction, core
modules, two electives, and design fundamentals:  $800

Part Time:
Introduction to Permaculture: $270
Core A: $ 325
Core B: $ 325
Any two sessions (Intro & A, Intro & B, A & B):
Electives:$65 each or all four for $225
Single modules: $75 for one, $200 for three, $400 for

Practicum is FREE if you have met the requirements**


Geoff Lawton has taught with Bill Mollison and directs
the PRI in Australia. He has been working with
Permaculture for over 20 years  and has done thousands
of designs.

Steve Gabriel is a native of the Finger Lakes Region
and has been studying and practicing permaculture
intensively for five years. He recently received his
certification for teaching and is starting a
permaculture design and education business in Ithaca.

Karryn Olson-Ramanujan has completed her design
certificate in America and India and teaches about
sustainability issues. She currently lives at

Modules will include community presenters and
apprentice teachers.

For complete information visit: www.flpci.org
email Steve Gabriel @ plant_this_seed at yahoo.com
call Michael Burns @ 607.227.0316

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