[permaculture] Geoff Lawton PDC course - Ithaca eco village

andrew phillips greenman124 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 4 23:45:54 EDT 2005

Thanks Darren,

And same to you mate! Your slides and work in Vietnam
very powerful and important and I also hear very good
things about your teaching skills - would love to be
attending the Holmgren/Bendigo course. Really want to
meet David soon - he essential part of all this.

Geoff will also be teaching first three days of a PDC
in Ithaca at Eco-village following the Epworth two
week course announced here recently.

We are convening three days with Geoff Lawton November
18-20 - there will be reception on evening of 17th.
Will have info on www.hancockpermaculture.org in a few
days - and will announce again here then.

Plan is to have Geoff lead off with three days (24
hours of PDC) followed by two subsequent weekends
possibly taught by Andrew Jones and others but Geoff
will create a strong foundation for this course.

Also planning some events in Delaware county/Hancock
area with a Muslim camp based near Deposit, New York -
50 families on 50 acres hacking out a living in some
pretty rugged country - we want to permie that place
up and you know Geoff can do that!!

Keep in touch

Andrew Phillips.

--- darren at permaculture.biz wrote:

> G'day Andrew,
> Lovely to meet you at the Lawton:Mollison PDC in
> Melbourne. Can't wait for
> the DVD's to come out with Bill in great form the
> morning sessions with
> Geoff inspiringly rounding off in the arvo. 
> Having met Geoff (and been taught and roundly
> inspired) for the 1st time I
> can pass my recommendation that people should get
> along to your course. He
> is one of the best teacher's I've come across and
> has a plethora of global
> experience with fantastic slides to balance things
> out.
> Good luck and I hope we'll catch up again.
> Ciao,
> Darren Doherty 
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