[permaculture] Fwd: Electronic Biologia Centrali-Americana

mIEKAL aND dtv at mwt.net
Mon Oct 3 22:37:40 EDT 2005

this is utterly amazing...

Electronic Biologia Centrali-Americana


Between 1879 and 1915, two editors published a series they called 
Biología Centrali-Americana, a catalog of the plants and animals of 
Mexico and Central America. With over 50,000 descriptions and 18,000 
images, this astonishing work "contained nearly everything known" of 
the region's biodiversity at the time of its publication. Did we 
mention it weighed in at 63 volumes? Only eight libraries hold the 
entire set, and, some time ago, it slipped out of print. However, The 
Smithsonian and London's Natural History Museum (among others) have 
been hard at work to rectify that sad state of affairs. Over the past 
years, they've uploaded much of the series' biological volumes to the 
Web. Because of their labors, we can now spend all the time we want 
hanging out with the mammals, swimming with the fishes, and sniffing 
the flowers of turn-of-the-century Mesoamerica.

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