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Martin Naylor martinwnaylor at
Tue Oct 4 01:41:46 EDT 2005

to resplve any descrimnation at all 
PERMACULTURE  thinks about how to research the actual way to build the soil, end of story,
ground zero exist in area 1 number 2, is out side your front door
area 3 is beyond imediate needs, area 4, reqiures attention every once in a while area 5 requires little attention, area 6 requires nothing 

mIEKAL aND <dtv at> wrote:

I fail to see the connection between a social activist record label 
using the word permaculture in their name (as in permanent culture, get 
it?) & snake oil sales men & pedophiles. Here in Wisconsin the word 
permaculture is used often as a generic term for sustainable design & 
rarely references the canon as created by Mollison & others. Really no 
different than blowing your nose on a kleenex & xeroxing old love 


On Oct 2, 2005, at 6:20 PM, Scott Pittman wrote:

> Well my tongue is not in my cheek - I believe, as did Bill M. that use 
> of the word permaculture was earned through some understanding of 
> permaculture design! I understand, mKiEl.., that thousands of people 
> and organizations use the word permaculture - and for the most part I 
> find that they are people of integrity and honor in that use, but 
> there is always the pornographer, black box salesmen, pedophile, and 
> snake oil man who gloms onto any ride that might provide a buck on the 
> backs of others efforts! I am most vehemently against this kind of 
> huckterism.
> Scott Pittman
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>> Re: [permaculture] Permaculture Records???
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>> Graham 
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>> Sun, 02 Oct 2005 15:49:12 +0100
>> To:
>> neshura , permaculture 

>> To:
>> neshura , permaculture 

>> Well my question was tongue in cheek and I was thinking of Bill 
>> Mollison's trademarking of the word 'permaculture' and previous 
>> attempts he'd made at enforcing this...
>> neshura wrote:
>>> It's not copyright infringement, but even if someone had already
>>> trademarked "permaculture", this still probably wouldn't be
>>> infringement because it is a wholly different industry. But I am not
>>> an IP lawyer so...grain of salt.
>>> On 10/2/05, Graham wrote:

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