[permaculture] Rockin' for Relief (Permaculture in New Orleans)

Wesley Roe and Marjorie Lakin Erickson lakinroe at silcom.com
Sun Oct 2 23:22:10 EDT 2005

Rockin' for Relief	(Permaculture in New Orleans)

The Appalachian Student Newspaper online  Boone, NC 28608  	
Sunday, October 2 2005, 2:00pm - 9:00pm
Please join the High Country community for a fundraiser to bring 
sustainable support to individuals and communities most directly suffering 
from the hurricane disasters.  We will be hanging tarps, chipping wood into 
mulch, building water filtration systems, sifting through trash and 
building compost piles, testing soil & water and performing 
bioremediations, establishing composting toilets, planting organic seeds, 
operating equipment and generators with biodiesel (and three vehicles on 
straight vegetable oil), helping at the community-controlled Common Ground 
health clinic, distributing supplies from grassroots disaster relief 
centers, and organizing many other permaculture projects.

Come hear live performances by Jay Brown, Melissa Reaves, Black Sheep 
Theatre, and many more.  Also hear stories from the Common Ground 
Collective  relief workers and other news from the ground.  Other speakers, 
poets and performers are currently being added.

This event is sponsored by: Espresso News/Mosaic Books, Footsloggers, 
Shoppes at Farmers' Hardware, Grapevine Music, and others added daily.

Your donations will go to area activists who will contribute to the Common 
Ground Collective, a group working in the New Orleans area doing ongoing 
disaster relief and community rebuilding.  We will join other activists 
from across the country traveling to Algiers, LA to implement sustainable 
development models.

We are asking for money to purchase biodiesel and other items not 
donated.   We are hoping to rent or borrow a wood chipper and diesel 

For more information email katrinarelief at wildmail.com or contact Deborah 
Hollingsworth or Elizabeth West at 336.877.5571.	

For more information about the Common Ground Collective, please visit their 
new website at:


The Appalachian Student Newspaper online
Boone, NC 28608

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