[permaculture] Permaculture Records???

robscott at freeshell.org robscott at freeshell.org
Sun Oct 2 12:49:55 EDT 2005

If someone wanted to apply Permaculture by starting a record label,
what would it look like?

These people are doing independent non-corporate music recording, in a 
local network (the NC triad area), have an anti-racism focus, and are 
promoting social diversity in North Carolina. The only image of humans on 
their site has a big "no war" t-shirt in the middle of it.

I support this use of the word Permaculture - people care, localization, 
fighting corporatization of their medium, pro-diversity, anti-war. They 
don't mention earth care but their imagery is grass, soil and 
flowerpots... I wonder where they heard the word "Permaculture"?

Rob Scott
Urbana Permaculture Project
Urbana, IL

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