[permaculture] Weeds

Leon Hudson sfg2006 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 2 01:06:42 EDT 2005

I have met a man who gardens organically using
rainwater harvesting.  He told me he waters twice a
year for an hour each time.  The reason - he mulches
for weed control.

The only reason he has to weed is that birds come and
drop weed seed in his yards.

I have some areas in my front and back yard where I
used tall weeds cut down for mulch.  It has been over
6 months and no weeds are growing.  Did lift it and
check underneath.  The soil is moist and getting

Weed seed will always be in the soil from what I

Doesn't red root pigweed controlled help tomatoes to
grow and Purslane(Pusley) help corn to grow??


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