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Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sat Oct 1 16:50:25 EDT 2005

Nicolas Guary wrote:

> I visited this new forum and found a "practical agriculture" board, regional
> boards and many others. It seems quite handy to me. So i posted there this
> following question. I also ask to you all, but, as I am new in your mailing
> list, it might be already widely discussed?
> I hope someone will be able to give me a piece of advice for experimenting
> permaculture as i am currently settling down as a farmer. I am aimed at
> demonstrating agriculture can be economically viable and preserve or even
> restore nature in there (I live in France, for now)
> I am not owner of a land, materials, ... yet, so I am interested in your
> experiences for starting from scratch, including studying any type of
> associations, communities, ecovillages that could live on this project? And
> what system/land would suit the best? My knowledges are mainly from
> agricultural intensive practices. What are the efficient readings/ courses
> for me?
> Thank you all,
> Nicolas
> (I will not be able to read/reply until next saturday)

Hello Nicolas:

I am a small scale market farmer here in the US and also trying to 
demonstrate that it is an economically viable venture and a satisfying 

Here is a begging reading list for you with the one most appropriate for 
you at the top of the list:

Intensive Culture of Vegetables
French System
by M. Aquatias

Books in English include:

Any books by John Jeavons
like "How To Grow More Vegetables"
available from Bountiful Gardens

Any and all books by Eliott Coleman
The New Organic Grower
Four Season Harvest

Permaculture books by Mollison and Holmgren and others

any out of print books on market farming especially

Intensive Culture of Vegetables
French System
by M. Aquatias

Sir Albert Howard
An Agricultural Testament
The Soil and Health

Farmers of Forty Centuries
FH King

Fertility Pastures
Newman Turner

Biodynamic Gardening and Farming
Ehrenfried Pfeiffer

for more bibliographies see also:



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