[permaculture] Straw bale urinals

Toby Hemenway toby at patternliteracy.com
Tue Nov 29 13:42:23 EST 2005

A much better technique is to fill a 5-gallon bucket with loose straw (or
better, wood shavings since they are much more absorbent, splash less, and
often cheaper than straw) and put a removable toilet seat on it. This setup
doesn't smell until it's full, and guys can just set the seat aside before
use (or smart women will remove the seat after use). I would think handling
a bulky, really heavy, urine-soaked straw bale would be very unpleasant,
unless you are just planning on leaving it to compost in place. The bucket
can be emptied easily where ever you need the nitrogen.

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On 11/29/05 10:05 AM, "woodsjay at cox.net" <woodsjay at cox.net> wrote:

> On the basis of much experimentation with trees (and no
> straw bales) I find that this can be a sex specific
> problem. In order to reduce urine splash for males, two
> straw bales would be in order, one upright as the primary
> target and one in front laying down to absorb splash (to
> keep it off my shoes).
> For females while the usual tree approach is possible, the
> lack of training will reduce accuracy making the bale in
> front even more necessary. For those who require seats and
> other such creature comforts, make it happen and decrease
> the general misery.
> The bale idea seems to be a solution with no substantial
> problem. Such of us who can make use of the trees, have
> found a more sustainable solution in that trees have the
> immediate use of it.
> On Tuesday 29 November 2005 11:53 am,
> sinergyinaction at netscape.net wrote:
>> Hi, 
>> what is the simplest way to set up a straw bale urinal
> (a urinal were you
>> pee on a straw bale, not a straw bale building with a
> urinal into it) and
>> make it work finely without too much bad smell? I read
> you need to have a
>> bale set upright, leaning on a post or so, but is it
> necessary for it to
>> lay its bottom in a container, to avoid spilling urine
> on the (open) 
>> ground? Any ideas, pictures? All the best
>> Antonio 
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